Preschool Project

To teach a poor man about Jesus, show him you care.
To show him you care, help him climb out of his poverty.
To help him climb out of poverty, start by educating his children.
To educate his children, teach their mother.

Our preschool development program encourages children of Christian families, their parents and their communities to participate and take ownership of the entire developmental process. It enables them to understand that they have the capacity and ability to work together to solve common problems. Bethlehem Living Water acts as the facilitator in this process. (Poverty is particularly devastating to children in rural areas. Read more about the nature of poverty in rural India.)

We do not simply provide basic services and education for poor Christian children. This may make their lives better today, but this "welfare approach" does not address the impact of long-term poverty on these children or add to their ability to improve their lives.

Even though our preschool development program is centered on Christian children, it has the potential to help the entire community. By taking responsibility for their own lives and working together, villagers can address their own needs and improve the lives of all who live there.

Our preschool development program has two key components--


With literacy comes the opportunity for better jobs which improves income and provides a better quality of life. Increased literacy among women results in significant improvements not only in their lives but also in the lives of their children. When mothers know and understand the consequences of nutrition and hygiene, and the advantages of education, their children eat better, attend school more regularly and experience improved health. A higher level of education also leads to social and economic change in the community.

Early Childhood Care

The first six years of a child's life are crucial because physical development of the brain takes place during this period. Good nutrition, health and mental stimulation are vital to this important growth process. In preschool centers, children receive nutritional food and are given learning opportunities and play materials. These centers provide intellectual stimulation as well as socialization and emotional growth.

Basic Education

This is the second stage of the preschool development program. Our objective is to ensure that all Christian children of school age have access to at least a primary and elementary school education. (This also meets India's goal of universal elementary education for all children ages 6 - 14 years.) We hold extra day or night classes for children who need them. Village education committees keep the community involved.

Health & Nutrition

Health care in rural areas is often unavailable or of extremely poor quality. Poor medical and sanitation facilities coupled with poor personal and household hygiene leads to water-borne diseases. Children in the villages often suffer from polio, neo-natal tetanus, tuberculosis, etc. The health care program is an essential component of the preschool development program. The primary emphasis is on prevention of disease rather than treatment.

The program includes--

How You Can Help

You can sponsor a Christian preschool child for $20 a month. Your contribution allows us to provide basic health screenings, a nutritious meal and the basic educational skills to succeed in school.