Put a preacher on wheels

Our preachers struggle to support themselves and their families. The villages they serve are extremely poor; local congregations cannot offer a preacher any pay. Yet, these men must not only support their families, they must visit their members, travel to evangelize and somehow try to maintain contact with other preachers and churches, and sometimes visit Bethlehem Living Water. Transportation in rural areas (where most of them serve) is very difficult and affording a car is a near impossibility (purchase, maintenance, tires, fuel).

On the other hand, a moped is a very effective means of transportation. It has fantastic fuel economy, is light enough for one person to push out of the mud (India-monsoon floods-dirt roads), and it is relatively low tech enough to keep running with few parts and tools.

Of course, a man with no money, who is worried about where his family's next meal is coming from, is not likely to be able to afford a moped any more than he can afford a car.

This is where your generosity in sharing God's blessings comes in. You, your family, your congregation or Sunday school class could purchase a moped ($1,500) and put a preacher on wheels. He could do more, reach more, serve more effectively. Thank you for considering helping us provide this support for our preachers.