Helping families become self-sufficient

Most of our ongoing work is aimed at improving the lives of India's poorest Christians; those who live in rural villages. We provide poor Christian families with the means to improve their lives by teaching them vocational skills, helping them stay healthy, and by starting them on the road to self-sufficiency.

We currently provide Christian families with the following income producers:

CHICKENS-Chickens produce eggs. Eggs provide needed protein for growing children and are an excellent product for selling in the local market. Eggs also grow into more chickens which can be eaten or sold as the flock grows. Chickens also provide fertilizer for the family garden, making that more productive as well.

GOATS-A goat is also a source of milk, yogurt, and meat for a family. What the family does not consume can be sold for additional income. Kids can also be sold as the herd grows.

SEWING MACHINES-These treadle machines do not need electricity to operate. They can be used to make clothing for sale and provide a steady source of income. Men can sew, women can sew, and the machines do not require physical strength or literacy to operate.

We also teach people how to care for their animals (or operate the sewing machine). We encourage them to contribute to their local church from their increased income so that their congregation becomes less dependent on Bethlehem Living Water.