Church Plantings

Through Bethlehem Bible College, the Lord has helped us start over 80 congregations in many states of India and even in Nepal.

Building Projects

We have very few church buildings. Most of the groups meet either in a house or in the courtyard of a home. Outside meetings under trees or under tents are no longer possible because of the attacks made by the extremist groups.

We find that religious extremism is on the rise in our part of the world, especially in the middle part of India. Our preachers have been beaten, their houses burned, their families threatened. Our own Bethlehem Bible College president has been shot at.

Persecution also makes it impossible to rent buildings for churches, and because it is too dangerous to meet outdoors, church buildings are a necessity for the villagers who will be worshiping in them.

Many Christians in India can’t find a place to live because, as a general rule, Hindus won’t rent to Christians – let alone to a Christian preacher. If they do, they themselves are often threatened by radicals. Bethlehem Living Water is working on solving this problem for our preachers. Whenever we build a church building, we also try to build a parsonage for the preacher and his family. (We usually have to dig a well as well.)

Knowing that there are Christians in America who care enough about them to help build safe places for their worship is encouragement beyond words.